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Key Players in the New Establishment

While I am writing this blog I just want everyone to know that I am a former chairman of a young republicans club and former young republican district representative. This blog features the rise of the new establishment, the influence of the new establishment who want to destroy the current Republican Party of Virginia and turn it into their own brand, and the names. The libertarians and a few powerful names are to thank for the new establishment. We have the queen, the buyer, and a few other names to mention in this blog with examples. How about we start the leadership role of a republican chairman (not elected official) no matter if the chairman is a local unit chairman, a young republicans club chairman, the Virginia Federation of Women Republican Chairman, the Republican Party of Virginia Chairman, or any other party leader. I think everything gets the point now in terms of leadership roles. Libertarians do fall short of this in some cases due to their own purity tests they give. If their candidate who is the nominee doesn’t meet their own purity tests then they will throw that candidate under the bus. In 2012 libertarians were complaining about Tampa when they should have been helping out Mitt Romney right before some of them took over these leadership positions.

What is the responsibility of a republican chair? Well, we do have a party plan in the RPV and we also have bylaws for a reason. It is very simple. In the general election in a leadership role as aforementioned in the above paragraph we support the party nominee and provide the resources they need and build a grassroots team to get out the vote for our candidates. The new establishment screams “grassroots”, but the people they ousted really did a lot of grassroots by getting out the vote. The ones the new establishment bash and falsely accuse of just for being for power and money. Later on in this blog we will go over who has money and can really buy candidates who agree with this person. A person who succeeding for years with getting out the vote for candidates, winning elections, and recruiting the future of the party is Linwood Cobb. Linwood Cobb was great at assembling a winning team in the 7th Congressional District, so when people say Fred Gruber has big shoes to fill, I would say Fred has more than just big shoes to fill. Replacing Linwood Cobb is like replacing Bobby Bowden when Bobby Bowden was dominating at Florida State University. Who would have thought I would have used a football analogy about my dad’s school in a political blog about Virginia politics? Linwood did what we are supposed to do as party leaders. And what was his reward? Yeah. Go figure. He was bashed for supporting Republicans. If someone doesn’t want to support Republican candidates in the general election because of some silly purity test then don’t run for a leadership position. ALL Republicans need our help against Democrats.

And don’t get me started on compromise. The best way to solve a problem is compromise. An example is an issue like keystone pipeline. Don’t turn keystone into a false issue of property rights or crony capitalism when keystone is neither of those things. The issue on keystone pipeline is the economy, jobs, lowering gas prices, and reducing our dependency from foreign and hostile nations who we have depended on in the past. Keystone can get passed through from bipartisanship, but libertarians want to make fringe issues about the pipeline. At least the libertarians I have had conversations with. I would expect it more from a liberal environmentalist. Keeping keystone out of any energy policy is the real injustice. So, who is leading the crusade of the new establishment? Lets start with the queen herself.

The queen of the new establishment is Jamie Radtke. As many of us know Jamie Radtke used to chair the Richmond Tea Party. Here are some facts about Jamie Radtke. Jamie Radtke ran for U.S. Senate in 2012. Jamie received less than 25% of the vote in the Republican Primary. That is proof that the general public wouldn’t have been receptive to her had she ran against Tim Kaine in the general election. Jamie Radtke’s 2012 campaign also went after George Allen for being on sports radio talk shows. Now Jamie Radtke’s spokesman Chuck Hansen said “George Allen is an election disaster waiting to happen and we can’t afford to lose this seat again,” in an attack ad. So much for unity right there Chuck Hansen. Jamie Radtke also went after George Allen for supporting 40,000 earmarks. Another false claim she hasn’t own up to. Another thing Jamie Radtke made people believe when she ran against George Allen was that she was Governor George Allen’s advisor. She just answered phone calls for Governor George Allen and there is nothing wrong with answering phone calls. The problem is she wasn’t honest about what she did in the Allen administration. Now Jamie Radtke wants libertarians and Tea Party members to have a seat at the table in the Republican Party? Well, guess what? Not only do these factions have a seat. Some of them hold leadership positions and try to prevent other people who disagree with them from having a seat, so this “seat at the table” is nonsense. That is the new establishment for you.

Jamie Radtke made mention that Chris Stearns who just won re-election for 3rd District Chairman slapped down Eric Cantor, Ray Allen, and the Young Guns. I strongly disagree with Jamie Radtke. She made it sound like Stearns overcame odds and won in an upset victory. It just sounded that way, but the truth is Stearns has a reputation in the 3rd District already and he was the favorite to win re-election. Jamie Radtke has no proof and it is just speculation that anyone spent time in the 3rd District going after Stearns and pouring lots of money to defeat him when he didn’t have a serious opponent. There are other false claims. Her attacks on Eric Cantor her flat out false. Just read her blogs on Bull Elephant. Jamie Radtke also attacks people for giving money. Just look at this quote from her blog in the Bull Elephant “Indecent Proposal” about former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling:

“A word of caution to the RPV leadership – $15,000 cost Bolling nothing, but it may continue to cost you election victories. You may not see all the unintended consequences until later down the road, but just like in the movie, it will destroy the marriage between the Party and its activists. Wait, perhaps that is what Billing Bolling, Boyd Marcus and Ray Allen actually want? Ahhh, very smart move on their side.”

Comments like that have no place in the Republican Party. It sounds like Jamie Radtke is ungrateful for anything coming from any of the guys named in the aforementioned quote.

That is not just yet. Jamie Radtke falsely accused Linwood Cobb of calling RPV Chairman Pat Mullins a liar. All Linwood Cobb was talking about was the rumors that slating was going to be attempted at a meeting wasn’t true. That was a lie, but he never even said Pat Mullins was a liar or never said Pat Mullins was lying. This is the Jamie Radtke who goes after people who disagree with her. I mean Jamie Radtke stuck her nose in the 5th District Convention going after Jon Berkley who just won the 5th District Chairman seat. And while we can debate all day if slating is ethical or unethical, but fact is that slating isn’t against the rules. If a committee makes a motion to slate and it carries then nobody can stop that committee from doing no matter how many people think slating is unethical. No mention in the rules.

One more thing about Jamie Radtke. Jamie Radtke judged Bill Bolling for not endorsing Ken Cuccinelli for Governor by saying Bill had betrayed everyone when Bill never has done that. Well, that is hypocritical of Jamie Radtke when it took her almost a month until Election Day to endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate. This goes back to purity tests and pure ideology.

Next up is the person I like to think of as the buyer in this group of the new establishment. I am talking about Russ Moulton here. I won’t slander anyone in this blog or go personal like I didn’t with Jamie, but I do come with the truth and facts. The real Russ Moulton. Who is he? Well he is well-respected by many. We have to give him that. Russ ran unsuccessfully for State Senate in the 1990s and Russ has ran some successful and some unsuccessful campaigns. Time to discuss Russ more here. Russ wants to take over every congressional district. There was even rumors that Russ Moulton had interest in running for RPV Chairman. That was a long time ago and I am not sure how true they are. People even threw Russ Moulton’s name around to succeed the late Jo Ann Davis in 2007. The thing is Russ Moulton no matter what the intentions are does have a reputation in going into a neighbor’s backyard and taking it over. He helps out candidates with filing fees and pays their money. That’s how I call him the buyer in this. Going back to what I said earlier for those who complain about money and power. Well Russ Moulton has those two things. Money and power. Russ was able from the 1st District to sneak into Henrico County and be nominated temp Chairman and then tried the same thing at the 7th District Convention, but thankfully that attempt was shot down because he didn’t reside in the 7th District. This leads me to talk about Fred Gruber now.

Don’t be surprised if Fred Gruber is a Russ Moulton gave on the State Central Committee. The moment Fred votes a different way Russ Moulton and Jamie Radtke will be looking for someone to replace Fred Gruber, but Fred is like them, so I don’t see that happening. Fred Gruber was the former Louisa Tea Party Chairman for those who did not know that. Here are questions when we move forward. Will Fred Gruber show support for Eric Cantor? Will Fred Gruber build a relationship with party rivals that aren’t Tea Party and libertarians? Will Fred Gruber be able to work with members at the 7th District Committee meetings? Being a district chairman is a major responsibility. Is this what Fred Gruber really wanted to be District Chairman or is this what others wanted based off ideology reasons? How can one listen to Fred Gruber after he used a term “Nazi car” and tied Linwood Cobb and the Majority Leader in the U.S. House Eric Cantor into that blog? This is what both Linwood and Russ Moulton support. And they have a blind following. You also have the Leadership Institute and Saber Communications responsible for this takeover and transitional change of the Republican Party and the new establishment. Mike Rothfeld has spoken at the Leadership Institute and is the President of Saber Communications.

Mike Rothfeld is a big time libertarian who just supports libertarian candidates and holds everyone else accountable on purity tests. If you don’t meet his standards you are an adversary. Morton Blackwell runs the Leadership Institute. Now both the Saber Communications and Leadership Institute make it their job to recruit libertarians. The Leadership Institute isn’t like it used to be because of the libertarians that run the organization.

One more thing. Here is proof and evidence that there is an agenda for a new establishment within the party. Just my thoughts.

In closing we do have a new establishment. The old establishment is gone and the people aren’t coming back. The way to make the new establishment the old establishment is by gaining those seats back that were lost in 2012 in state central and recently in 2014. We need people who will be willing to work and listen to people who agree to disagree with them at all cost. As mentioned compromise is a good thing. I am pro-primary and I have my reasons. Being pro-primary will be my next blog. Thank you for reading.

Adam Washington
Former Fredericksburg Area Young Republicans Club Chairman
Former First District Young Republicans Representative